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Find and follow us..

Wigtownshire is is the old admistrative name given to the Southwest of Scotland, which now comes under Dumfries and Galloway.

We provide a genealogical service for those wishing to trace their family in the area and have many resources at hand to help and to provide you with a family tree even in book form for your family to treasure.

Not just Genealogy!

Welcome to Wigtownshire’s People

From standing stones, cup and ring marks, iron-age forts, castles, towers, martyrs and the first Christian settlement in Scotland, Wigtownshire must surely be one of the most historic places in Great Britain!

Check out our LINKS page, which has links to sites of the towns and villages as well tourism and our amazing historical heritage.

Scotland’s historical treasure house!


We provide 3 different genealogy packages for our clients.

Over the years we have branched out and now collect, document and archive any material regarding Wigtownshire, such as documents, photographs, objects, you name it, someone has most likely presented it to us..

Affordable Genealogy


Our basic package which traces one family name (ie. Father) back to the early 1800’s


As above, but traces two family lines (mother & father) and will be placed into a binder which can be added to. You also have the option of an A3 size tree printed.


Full family tree, tracing as many generations and family lines as we can find, with all historical documentation, census records etc….